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sutairu_berry's Journal

18 July
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Hello. I am Sophia. I've not much to say and what I do have to say usually has at least one typo in it. I do try to fix that as often as possible, but it usually "slips my mind".

Uninteresting things:
-Unhealthly fascination with japanes pop culture and language
-I hate having the same hair for too long, it's killing me to grow my hair out right now
-Despite the immence level of patience I have with people, I'm really screaming the worst things in my head at the slightest annoyances.
-I can't get angry at people unless they are close friends or family, I take it out on them unintentionally
-If it's cute and japanese, I'll probably like it
-If it's male, japanese, and mildly androgynous, I'll probably like it.
-Cinnamon Teddy Grahams, Pink Lady Apples, and Apple juice are probably my 3 favorite things to consume
- The things I place the most value on are, in no particular order: Family, friends, music, and my ability to create.
cinnmon teddy grahams, dir en grey, girugamesh, people, the gazette